Summary of Performance (SOP)

Person completing SOP:   _______________________________________



Title: ____________________

Email:  _______________________

School:  _____________________________

Phone #:  _____________________

Summary completion date:   ________________

Most recent IEP date:   _________________

Part I:  Background Information

Student Name:____________________________    

DOB: ______________

Grad Year/Exit: ______________

Street Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________

State: ______________

Zip: _______________

Phone #: ____________________________

Primary Language:____________________   

Current school: ___________________________

City: ___________________________

Primary Disability: ______________________________

Secondary Disability: ______________________

When was student’s disability(ies) formally diagnosed: __________________________


If English is secondary language, (English Language Learner), what services were provided: 


Please check and include most recent copy of assessment reports that you are attaching that diagnose and clearly identify student’s disability or functional limitations and/or that will assist in postsecondary planning:









Adaptive behavior

Social/interpersonal skills

Community based assessments


Reading assessments



Behavior Analysis

Classroom Observations

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Assistive Technology

Language Proficiency Assessments

Career/Vocational or transition assessments

Informal assessment:      



Part II:  Student’s Postsecondary Goals




If employment is the primary goal, list top three job interests:      



Part III: Summary of Performance (complete all and indicate those which are not relevant to the student)


Present Level of Performance
Grade level, standard scores, strengths, needs

Essential Accommodations
assistive technology, or modifications used in high school, and why needed

Decoding, comprehension, speed



Calculation, problem solving, reasoning



Written Language
Expression, Spelling



Learning Skills
Class participation, note-taking, organization, homework/time mgmt, study-test taking skills




Present Level of Performance
Grade level, standard scores, strengths, needs

Essential Accommodations
assistive technology, or modifications used in high school, and why needed

General Ability/Problem Solving



Attention/Executive Functioning
energy/activity level, memory functions, sustained attention, processing speed, impulse control



Speech/language, assisted communication




Present Level of Performance
Strengths and Needs

Essential Accommodations
assistive technology, or modifications used in high school, and why needed

Social Skills and Behavior
Peer/teacher interaction when seeking assistance, responsiveness to services/accommodations, involvement in extracurricular activities, confidence and persistence as a learner, emotional/behavioral issues related to learning



Independent Living Skills
self-care, leisure skills, personal safety, transportation, banking, budgeting



Environmental Access/Mobility
assistive tech, mobility, transportation



Self-Determination/Self-Advocacy Skills
ability & independence to seek /articulate postsecondary goals and seek assistance, learning strengths/needs



career interests/exploration, job training, employment experiences and supports



Additional Important Considerations
that can assist in making decisions about accommodations/needs, e.g. Sleep problems, family concerns, medical problems




Part IV: Recommendations to Assist in Student Meeting Postsecondary Goals

What are the essential accommodations, modifications, assistive technology or general areas of need that the student will require to enhance access in following post-high school environments (only complete those relevant to the student’s postsecondary goals).

Postsecondary Goal


Higher Education or Career-Technical Education




Independent Living


Community Participation




Part V: Student Input (Highly Recommended)

How does your disability affect your schoolwork and school activities (such as grades, relationships, assignments, projects, communication, time on tests, mobility, extra-curricular activities)?


In the past, what supports have been tried by teachers or by you to help you succeed in school (aids, adaptive equipment, physical accommodations, other services)?

Which of these accommodations and supports has worked best for you?


Which of these accommodations and supports have not worked?


What strengths and needs should professionals know about you as you enter the postsecondary education or work environment?


I have reviewed and agree with the content of this Summary of Performance.

Student Signature:_________________________________________       Date:    __________________________