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Welcome to Arkansas Transition Services website! We are glad you are visiting our website and hope it provides you with lots of information to better serve teachers, students, parents and agencies. Because a variety of people can be involved in the transition process, there are all kinds of tools in the different sections from assessments for teachers to use to tools for students to become better self-advocates. We're all in the transition process together!

Arkansas Transition Services is a group of six consultants serving all 75 counties in Arkansas in an effort to improve transition outcomes for students with disabilities. Our mission is to effectively assist students with disabilities, educators, parents, agency personnel and community members in preparing students to transition from school to adult life and reach positive post school outcomes. We provide technical assistance, trainings and consultations to special education teachers and other relevant staff, as well as to various agency personnel. If you are interested in our trainings click here.

Transition goals and services must be in place by the time a child reaches age 16, as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA 2004). If you are a student with a disability and are approaching the age of 16 or you know someone who is, chances are there is already or soon will be a set of Transition Goals and Services in place in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In Arkansas, these are IEP forms 400 - 402 (NOTE: There is a new IEP form 401 which is not available electronically to us at this time. As soon as it is, we will put it on our website. The revision includes a statement regarding Information on Guardianship. Please contact your Transition Consultant for more information on this). IEP  forms 400 - 402 indicate the goals the student has for life after high school, activities that need to be in place to support those goals, and courses the student needs to take to work toward those goals. When transition is going to be discussed at an IEP meeting, the student is required to be invited to the meeting—and it’s really important that students attend and participate in these meetings! It’s all about collaborating with teachers, agencies, employers, parents and students to promote movement to positive post school outcomes. Planning now makes for a much brighter future!

The content of this website is intended to provide resources, information, and valuable links for students, parents, teachers and agencies (and anyone else interested in improving post school outcomes for our students with disabilities). Please take time to look around the website and visit often—something you might not need today, you will need tomorrow! Also, visiting often will help you keep up with the happenings in Transition in Arkansas.

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