Digital Resource Maps

We all know how important it is to be able to share valuable community resources with students and families. Connecting families to resources that can possibly provide support to students during and after high school can be critical to their success. With the help of Krystle Merry and Nancy Young, Doctoral Candidates at the University of Arkansas, we were able to create these digital maps of the resources we provide to teachers on Google My Maps. These resources are agencies that serve communities around the state and have been available on our website in the past with contact information.  

Service providers can vary from community to community and having a digital map that families can access can really open their world of services. Using Google My Maps, schools, as well as families, can customize the maps to meet their needs.

Central Arkansas & Eastern Arkansas Map
North Central Arkansas Map
Northeast Arkansas Map
Northwest Arkansas Map
Southeast Arkansas Map
Southwest Arkansas Map

Statewide Map

If you know of a resource you would like added, please let us know and we will check it out! 
If your school has a website, we encourage you to work with your IT department to have them added