Tools for Students with Complex Needs


Transition Assessment Planning for Students with Significant Disabilities (★)

Employment Support Indicators 

Employability Skills Checklist 

Job Tips Environmental Demands Rating Worksheet (★)

Dealing with Environmental Demands (★)

Parent Questionnaire for Transition Planning 

Parent Transition Survey (★) - Spanish (★)

Personal Preference Indicators 

Applying PPI Indicators to Post-Secondary Outcomes

Pictorial Interest Inventory (★)

Career Interest Inventory - Pictorial Version (★)

SETT (Student, Environment, Tasks, Tools) Scaffold for Consideration of Assistive Technology Needs 

Transitioning to Independence: How Ready Are You? (★)

Healthcare Transition Readiness Changing Roles for Youth (★)

Vocational Task Analysis (★)

Soft Skills Checklist (★)

Community-Based Skills Assessment - This tool was designed to assess an individual’s knowledge, skill and social communication abilities.

Person Centered Planning (PCP) Brief - Person Centered Planning meetings can be considered an approach that brings team members, including educators and agencies, together to plan for a student’s future. The process is done through a mapping process where all participants can have input. It’s a great tool in the transition planning process. Ask your Transition Consultant for more information.

Secondary School Success Checklist - This evaluation of student skills can be completed by staff, families, and students. It can support teams in identifying priority goals related to independence and behavior, transition, social competence, and academic skills (with a focus on literacy). Positive outcomes in these domains have been directly linked to postsecondary success for students on the autism spectrum.

More tools will be coming soon!